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About Me

Guitar Teacher Mansfield


I feel fortunate to do something for a living that I truly enjoy... teaching people the secrets of guitar and music to become musicians

            WHO DO I TEACH?


I teach ages 6 to 60  from all walks of life, students that are complete beginners just starting out on guitar or Ukulele. Through to students that are self taught or out grown their previous Tutor wanting to get out of a rut and improve their Technique.

            MY EXPERIENCE


In my 8 years of Teaching I've customised my lessons finding techniques and exercises that get results. Every student is unique though  and being a Professional Musician playing in many  Wedding/Cover Bands aswell  as various Tribute Bands. Has allowed me to become a very versitile Guitarist which I bring to my lessons.

Some Tribute Bands I've worked with-

  • Suzette Dorsey -Tina Turner Tribute

  • Rob Kingsly - Elvis Tribute

  • The Counterfeit Beatles - Beatles Tribute

  • Definitely Mightbe - Oasis Tribute

  • The Police Force - Sting and Police Tribute 



           ABOUT ME


I  love my Job and work is a large part of my life, teaching around 700 lessons and 120 Gigs a year keeps me very busy. In my free time I'm like most 30 year olds really spending time socialising with friends and family.  I try to Swim and get to the Gym as much a possible however riding my Motorcycle, Films and Sci-Fi  series  seem to constantly get in the way of that. :-) 

Guitar Teacher Mansfield
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